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Introducing Eastgrove Custom Hand Wound Pickups

These great sounding pickups are hand wound in the USA. Call for more details.


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Everything from vintage clean to over wound and hot... these pickups are a great upgrade from your stock pickups. Custom winding available, with lots of options, call for more info.


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Los Texicanos pickups for Legacy music.

Each of the pickups uses single layer enamel 42 awg Essex wire, with traditionally staggered alnico 5 magnets. The neck and middle pickups have a resistance of 6.2 kohm for a nice vintage sound. The bridge is 7.4 kohms for some increased strength and will provide some interesting“quack“ when played in combo with the middle. Pickup sets that have strong bridge pups and vintage neck and middle pups can be found in the guitars of artists that created the southwestern and Texas blues sound. I am calling this my Los Texicanos set.

Bobbins lacquered. Pickups wound on hand powered winder. Paraffin/beeswax potted. Traditional cloth covered hook up wires. I have built these with the best materials I can obtain.

Originally, I was building and designing pickups to upgrade, but have had several international professional guitarists as repeat customers, and many clients have done new custom builds with my pickups. I think you will enjoy this set, whether you are upgrading, changing the sound of you guitar, or are doing a custom build.

For pickups wanted for other applications, or for custom built Eastgrove pickups, just speak with John at Legacy Music.

Pete Ostlund

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